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Career Counselling Services for Students in UAE

Career Counselling Services for Students in UAE

CounsellingX offers online career counselling services for students in UAE. Market is full of career counsellors, but very few have a professional licence and required global perspective. CounsellingX, on the other hand, has a team of licensed counsellors hailing from top-tier universities all over the world.

Our counsellors also offer cost and time efficient counselling plans. They pride themselves in delivering counselling services with consistent quality. They cater to clients all over the world with a special focus on students in USA.  

Steps to Make the Most of Career Counselling Services

Students can help themselves without utilising the services of career counsellors, but it is better to take professional career assessment to better understand their key strengths, opportunities available to them, and job market in a particular region.  Professional counsellors can help narrow down the options. A mentor can also guide students to overcome their weaknesses and develop required professional and personal skills.

Following are the steps students can follow on their own in order to make the most of their career counselling services.

1 – Self-Evaluation

First of all, students should analyse their current situation. Think about the kind of work they enjoy. List down the goals for future and figure out the direction to. Aspiration is very important at this stage. Research online, connect with working professionals, network on professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn, and look up job hunting websites for the job roles that seem a fit for your skill set.

2 – List down Skill Set

Students should make a list of current skills and experience in order to utilise them in choosing a career paths. Figure out what your personal and professional strengths and weaknesses are. Then, analyse how the particular strengths can help you achieve your goals, and how weaknesses can be overcome.

3 – List down Professional Goals

Students need to clearly articulate their long-term career goals. Students should take a strategic approach regarding where they’d like to see themselves in five and ten years’ time. Students should be able to identify the areas that need improvement such as if any extra experience will help, and if any additional knowledge, skill, or qualification is required for a particular job.

4 – Research Resources

Students should be well aware of the resources available to them. From courses, technology, online resources, to professionals, friends, and family.  Financial impacts should be carefully considered in order to pursue a particular course of action. Identify whether or not you can gain relevant skills in your current role.

5 – Develop a Career Plan

Make a well-structured outline of your goals and milestones. This career plan should include key points that can help you in achieving your goals.  Students may also keep this plan flexible in order to incorporate any changes. Students should also consider networking with individuals and areas for development like skills, experience, education and training while making a career plan.  Identify your important transferable skills and how you can best present those to potential employers.

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We, at CounsellingX, provide career counselling services for students in UAE to clear all of their confusions and answer all the queries. Online counselling is resource efficient, whether it is time or money. We also provide end to end online counselling to students for securing admission in international universities.

CounsellingX offers an easy three-step one-stop solution:

Have a look at the list of our counsellors. You can view their detailed profiles including academic background, work history, counselling history, and key strengths. If you find a counsellor suitable for your needs, you can directly message them.

After you message a counsellor, one of our administrators will contact you. You can avail a free “Meet the counsellor” session, where you can talk to the counsellor and clear out any ambiguities. You will be able to have a 25-30 minutes discussion.

When you find the most suitable counsellor, you can hire them instantly. Pay the first installment, and you will be able to start your personalized counselling session.

Counsellor Profile:

Our team provides career counselling which is specifically tailored to the regional needs of UAE students.

Mr Seif Elfar

Mr Seif Elfar is an Egyptian and resides in The Hague, Netherlands. Seif has helped many UAE students to get placement in Bachelor and Master Programs of UK, Canada, and Netherland’s universities. He has a Master degree in Law and Finance from Leiden University, Netherlands. He has successfully counselled students to get admission in University of Bristol, Leiden University, University of Leicester, University of Reading, University of Leeds, and University of British Columbia. His expertise are valuable for the students interested in Law, Finance, Banking, Economics, Liberal Arts, Languages, Humanities, and Science studies programs. His hourly rates start from $23 per hour.

What makes CounsellingX the first priority of students?

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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or 90% Payback

We trust in the quality of services and provide guaranteed satisfaction. In case, a student is not satisfied by a particular Counsellor, the counsellor can be changed on request or CounsellingX can refund up to 90% of the paid amount on demand.

  • Pay in Instalments

Students have the choice to pay in instalments instead of the lump-sum amount. We ensure the financial security of our customers, as instalments are less burdensome.

  • Quality Monitoring from CounsellingX Team

CounsellingX administrators monitor the quality of counselling services provided through this platform. Our team provides direct assistance to students and to avoid any confusion or issue.

What CounsellingX Offers?

Counselling X provides various career counselling plans for students in UAE. We not only offer a diverse range of counsellors to choose from, but also flexible counselling hours and payment methods.

what counsellingx offers

  • Hourly Guidance

Student can hire an online counsellor on an hourly basis. This can help students get an idea of online counselling services and how it all works. This service provide it on an introductory price starting from $25 per hour.

  • End to End Counselling

Students who want to secure all the aspect, they should go for end to end counselling. Counsellor applies at number of places as per requirement.

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