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Why Artificial Intelligence will Never Replace Counsellors?

Why Artificial Intelligence will Never Replace Counsellors

In today’s age, it is common to think that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to replace people. That certainly happens.

In case of Lawyers, bespoke legal work still requires humans but AI can help perform tasks ranging from legal discovery to creating contracts. They can even argue parking fines and handle divorce proceedings.

In case of Journalists, AI uses bots to generate sports reports and other news articles or in-depth investigative journalism. Financial Analysts aren’t safe either, as AI can spot patterns and make trades faster than even the most eagle-eyed analysts. 

Similarly, self-driving cars will eliminate drivers, chat-bots are replacing Customer Service Representatives and Telemarketers, AI Pharmacists can diagnose physical ailments, Robots can carry out surgery, stock music and art is being generated by AI systems, highly advanced security systems have already taken over the job of security guards, and robots have taken over the jobs of manual workers. 

This prophecy is similar to the one that came out when computers were introduced in the corporate world. Not only did computers increase the job opportunities, they also helped in improving human efficiency and performance.

Same is the case with artificial intelligence. AI systems are not restricted to only checking the baggage at assembly lines, rather AI outranks the humans in many sectors like marketing, sales, and analysis.

But there are some jobs that still require a human touch, and AI will never be able to replace them but act as an expert assistant providing insights.

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It’s no wonder that when we hear words like “education technology”, “online learning”, or ”online counselling”, one might automatically think that the human touch from education sector is being withdrawn.

The reality is, Education and Career Counselling can never be replaced by AI. There are a lot of online platforms that use AI to analyse and provide insights to students. A standard questionnaire is developed based on common practices of counsellors, they take input from the user, and provide generic answers to students. Such platforms are just like the games on Facebook and other social media platforms, where you can find out what kind of person you are based on your preferences of movies, pizzas, favourite places etc. But those answers are not credible at all, and tap into the insecurities of people. 

You can provide your general interests, skills, and work experience to an AI Counsellor, and it will provide you with a list of career paths and educational courses suitable for you. But that is not the purpose of Counselling, it may seem like the AI platform has done its job, but that’s not completely true. Counselling still requires the human intimacy. 

AI cannot understand the human psyche. Human personalities do not follow an exact science, and something that isn’t driven by a set of hard and fast rules cannot be automated, or in other words can’t be replaced by AI.  Every human being is different, with distinct tastes, skills, social grooming, dreams, and aspirations. Counsellors don’t just ask you general questions, their main job is to ask the “right” questions. Counsellors put in various hours asking questions in order to figure out the right questions to ask. For example, if a student wants to pursue medicine but the field isn’t suitable for him, an AI is not going to figure that out. But a counsellor will advise the student not to pursue medicine and follow liberal arts or engineering after analysing the skills and personality of a student. 

No doubt, the AI services have the power to augment and improve the counsellor’s efforts. 

For example, counsellors often give a standard questionnaire to fill in order to cover the basics and get going, but that’s not all they do. This approach is not uncommon. A study released last year by MIT and Harvard researchers found that 71% of the counsellors polled that they would be happy to adopt AI as a resource as long as it was proven to be of high quality and affordable.

This is a blended model which creates a great advantage for both counsellors and students. Students can learn the basics about themselves on their own time, and then contact their counsellors as to start formal counselling sessions where the counsellors can use the initial assessment as a starting point. 

This model also provides insightful tools for counsellors, sometimes even giving them powers that may appear miraculous to counselees. For example, one of our counsellor uses the initial assessments to fast-track the counselling process, and cover the gaps where the counselees feel unsatisfied or confused. 

We all know that counsellors do more than just analysing and passing along information. They also inspire. They see things that counselees might not even recognize in themselves. One of counsellor is famous for his techniques, as he sees the potential in their students, and then reroute their priorities and inspire them to follow the right career path of educational course. He encourages the students to do what they think is an impossible dream. Students admit they would not be where they are today without an inspiring counselling session at mobilabonnemang billigaste .

Advances in Artificial Intelligence act as a medium that takes us to our destination faster. But counsellors are the ones who clear that path and lead the way. We wouldn’t be going anywhere without counsellors.

At CounsellingX.com, we encourage our counsellors to use every resource and tool available in the market in order to maximize the output of counselling sessions. They use AI resources and blended-models to help student figure out the suitable courses and career paths, and get admission in their dream international universities. 

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