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Top Universities for Education in Canada for Pakistani Students

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Pakistan based students who want to study in international universities should look for the top universities for education in Canada for Pakistani students. Canadian Universities not only leverage your career but also give you a global exposure. Canada had built a reputation for providing quality education and hence attracts a lot of international attention by the Pakistani students.

Canada’s multicultural backdrop and rich history has made it possible for the Pakistani students to go and study there without any worries regarding fitting in. The absence of cultural shock turns learning into a unique and exciting experience.

Top universities for education in Canada for Pakistani students look for traits like accomplished academic record, competitiveness, motivation, exceptional social skills, and hard work. Extraordinary academic history helps university to drive the admission selection criteria higher. Graduates churned out by Canadian universities turn into innovators and critical thinkers. They can easily solve real world problems. Top universities for education in Canada train students for the ever changing fast-paced world. Student get a competitive edge due to the education they receive from highly accomplished and distinguished scholars.

If you are looking for universities that can help you develop an international perspective in a diverse and intellectually challenging environment, then you should sift through the top universities for education in Canada for Pakistani students. Take a look at high ranking Canadian universities below!

Top Universities for Education in Canada for Pakistani Students

  • McGill University

McGill University - Counsellingx

McGill University is in Montreal city. Montreal is the most student-friendly city of the world.  The university has a range of more than 400 programs. It has around 29,000 students and 9950 international students. The faculty of 3677 members is highly accomplished. The alumni network contains 250,000 graduates.

  • University of Alberta

University of Alberta - counsellingx

Alberta University has its campus in Edmonton, It is one of the top public research-intensive universities. It focuses on development of humanities, sciences, creative arts, engineering, health sciences, and business. The institute offers 400 programs. The faculty holds many 3M national teaching fellowship awards. The alumni of 250,000 graduates is scattered all over the world. Over 39,000 students with more than 7,000 international students live on the campus. The university contributes five percent of GDP of the province of Alberta. The research centres such as Canadian National Institute for Nanotechnology and The Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology are globally renowned for their cutting edge research.

  • University of Calgary

University of Calgary - counsellingx

University of Calgary focuses on innovative learning and teaching in order to find solutions to the most challenging problems. The university provides more than 200 academic programs. University has 85 research centres and 77 Canada Research Chairs. It also generates a revenue of $300 million on average from research activities. Most of the research focuses on health, social sciences, business, and energy and environment. University currently holds 31,000 students and 2500 faculty members. More than 6000 international students are enrolled in various programs here.

  • University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa - counsellingx

The University of Ottawa is home to more than 35,000 students which also includes 6,623 international students, due to the vibrant and exciting learning environment provided by the university. The distinguished faculty staff of 1,648 members is highly accomplished and comes from top universities all over the world. The research quality of this university is ranked among top.

  • University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo - counsellingx

University of Waterloo is located in Waterloo. It steers the global patterns of innovation, research, and education. Waterloo is a part of global partnerships network and is planning on shaping the future by developing industrial and academic relations. This university has been ranked as the most innovative university of Canada for the past 25 years. The campus is home to 36,626 students and 1,741 staff members. The university also hosts 35,000 students from 120 countries. University of Waterloo is at forefront of research and education in Quantum Computing, nanotechnology, clinical psychology, engineering, and health sciences.

  • Queen’s University

Queen’s University - counsellingx

Queen’s University established in 1841 is one of the Canada’s oldest degree granting universities, and ranks among top 5 universities in Canada. The university ranks 4th among the medical-doctoral universities.  17 research centres here facilitate the cutting-edge research in particle astrophysics, cancer research, ecological history, and clean energy.

The university also provides international learning opportunities and research collaboration through various international partnerships. The campus is located in Kingston, Eastern Ontario. The campus hosts 22,630 students and faculty staff of 1,121.  The university accommodates 2,496 international students from 102 countries. 42 Canada Research Chairs are held by the university, and a research income of $187.3 million is earned every year.

Every student interested in Canadian universities should keep a few points in mind before choosing a course:

  • Scholarships provided by the universities
  • Cost of living
  • The job market for the particular course
  • Course accreditation by AACSB International
  • High GRE/SAT score – Good academic history

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