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Study in Australia Cost for Pakistani Students

Study in Australia Cost for Pakistani Students

CounsellingX assists and provide comprehensive guidelines regarding study in Australia cost for Pakistani students. Our counsellors have extensive experience and a keen-eye for job market dynamics. They are excellent mentors who guide students regarding study in Australia cost for Pakistani students.

Study in Australia Cost for Pakistani Students

Australia ranks high among the top study destinations for Pakistani students.  On average, more than 600,000 international students come to Australia annually. The study expenses in Australian universities also rank among one of the most expensive universities of the world. A student needs AU$20,290 each year for living costs alone.  The good thing is, not all the universities are expensive and the tuition fees vary according to the university’s ranking and location.

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Tuition Fee Break down

The average tuition fee of undergraduate course for international students is around AU$30,840 (~US$22,170) per year, and AU$31,596 (~US$22,700) for postgraduate programs.  Study in Australia cost for Pakistani students, the official government site for the students from other countries, gives the breakdown of tuition fees as:

  • Master’s degree

AU$20,000 (US$14,400) to $37,000 (US$26,600)

  • Doctoral degree

AU$14,000 (US$10,060) to $37,000 (US$26,600)

These are general figures and do not include high-value courses which can cost more.

Tuition fees at Australian universities are calculated per unit, instead of on yearly basis. Every unit falls into a particular fee band. Students often study a combination of units from different bands, hence their fees differ from each other.

The government sets the minimum and maximum range for each fee band on an annual basis. It is currently

  • AU$0-6,444 for Band 1
  • AU$0-9,185 for Band 2
  • AU$0-10,754 for Band 3

Students work out total tuition fees by identifying the units covered by each band and the credits given for each unit (expressed as a fraction, e.g. 12/96 = 0.125 EFTSL). Multiply this EFTSL figure (0.125) by the band fee charge to get the total cost per unit.

Living Expenses Break Down

According to Australian Department of Home Affairs, students must prove that they have AU$20,290 for the living cost of a single year. Apart from the proof of assets, students also need to show a return ticket. The breakdown of living expenses in Australia can be listed as:

  • Groceries and eating out – $80 to $280 per week(~US$57-201)
  • Gas, electricity – $35 to $140 (~US$25-100)
  • Phone and Internet – $20 to $55 (~US$14-40)
  • Public transport – $15 to $55 (~US$11-40)
  • Car (after purchase) – $150 to $260 (~US$108-187)
  • Entertainment – $80 to $150 (~US$57-108)

The weekly average of the expenses work out to a minimum of AU$311.

Other Costs

  • Other costs to be taken under consideration include the ‘Student Services and Amenities fee’. It is a charge for non-academic services. The fee for such services can range up to AU$298 (~US$214).
  • A student visa (Subclass 500) is required to study in Australia. It costs around AU$575. Students also need to organize Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) which must be valid for the time period of stay. The cheapest option for standard time period of undergraduate degree can be found to be AU$2,150.

Take a look at high ranking Australian universities below!

Top Universities in Australia

  • The University of Sydney

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The University of Sydney was founded in 1851. It currently tends to 43,000 students from 134 countries. More than 400 fields of study are offered in this institute. The university also hosts around 280 overseas exchange programs with more than 30 countries.

  • The University of Melbourne

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The University of Melbourne was founded in 1853. It is a home to 45,000 students and 6,500 faculty staff. The university boasts 280,000 alumni around the world. More than 12,000 international students are enrolled at the University of Melbourne. Nobel Prize winner Peter Doherty (physiology and medicine) and fellows of the Royal Society David Solomon and David Boger work at Melbourne. The alumni includes four Australian prime ministers and five governor-general. The university ranks highest for graduate employability.

  • The University of New South Wales

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The University of NSW was founded in 1949. It is globally ranked as a top class teaching and research facility. The university has an alumni community of 250,000, which includes figures such as Rebel Wilson, current Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and billionaire Cannon Brookes.

  • The University of Queensland

Queensland University of Technology - counsellingx

The University of Queensland is ranked no. 1 university for research. It is a recipient of Australian Research Council Fellowship and Awards. The university has more than 400 research partnership all over the world, 8 globally recognised research institutes, and more than 100 research centres. The university homes 52000 students from 135 countries, and a faculty of 6600. The university has delivered more than 16000 PhDs.

  • Monash University

Monash University - counsellingx

Monash University is Australia’s largest university having more than 100 partnerships with universities. The main campus is located in one of the most liveable cities. University is a member of the Prestigious Group of Eight which is an alliance of research-intensive Australian universities. The university provides more than 900 exchange programs every year. It hosts more than 77,000 students from 170 countries, and a faculty staff of 1700+. University offers programs from a wide range of over 150 fields such as additive manufacturing, drug development, domestic violence, and sustainable design.

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CounsellingX provides end to end online admission counselling regarding study in Australia cost for Pakistani students. We manage a team of counsellors hailing from top institutes all over the world such as Harvard University, Cornell University, Boston University, Johns Hopkins University, London School of Economics, New York University, University of Oxford, and other top ranking institutes. Apart from that, CounsellingX also provides assistance and rigorous training plans to aspiring students for landing a scholarship in courses of Australian universities.

CounsellingX offers an easy one-stop three-step solution to find study in Australia cost for Pakistani students:

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Go through the list of our counsellors, see their comprehensive profiles and credentials, and message the most suitable ones.

After messaging them, one of our administrators will contact you for a free “Meet the counsellor” session. You will be able to have a 25-30 minutes discussion with each one of your preferred counsellors.

Hire the most suitable counsellor, pay the first instalment, and start your customized counselling services.

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