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Study and Work in Australia for International Students

Study and Work in Australia for International Students

CounsellingX provides online career counselling services to study and work in Australia for International students. Students interested in pursuing higher education are often found looking for international educational programs. An international degree provides the required global exposure to students all over the world. It also makes students eligible to find work on a global scale.

An accomplished academic record, exceptional career path, and a honed set of soft skills is required to be able to work and study in Australia for international students. Australian educational degree has managed to get international respect in a very short span of time. The convergence of the brightest students from all over the world in Australian universities has made it possible to create the best possible learning environment. Students develop characteristics such as innovation and critical thinking during their stay at Australian universities. This enables them to real world problems with a unique perspective.

Australia attracts a lot of international attention. Part of it is due to Australia’s multicultural backdrop and rich history. Australian educational philosophy prepares the graduates for the ever-changing international job markets.

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Every student interested in Australian universities should keep a few points in mind before choosing a course:

  • High GRE/SAT score – Good academic history
  • Cost of living
  • The job market for the particular course
  • Scholarships provided by the universities
  • Course accreditation by AACSB International

According to the Australian Labour Market Information Portal, the growth in employment rate is projected to be the fastest in following industry sectors:

  • The Financial Industry 
  • The Business Consulting Industry 
  • The Metals and Mining Industry 
  • The Energy and Utilities Industry 
  • The Healthcare Industry 

If you are looking for universities that can help you develop an international perspective in a diverse and intellectually challenging environment, then you should take a look at high ranking Australian universities below!

Top Universities in Australia for International Students

  • The University of Sydney

University of Sydney International Research Scholarships - counsellingx

The University of Sydney was founded in 1851. The university tends to 43,000 students from 134 countries. There are more than 400 fields of study that are offered to the students. The university also offers opportunities for around 280 foreign exchange programs.

  • The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne - counsellingx

The University of Melbourne was founded in 1853. 45,000 students and 6,500 faculty staff are being accommodated by the university currently. The university has an alumni network of 280,000. More than 12,000 international students are enrolled in the university. Nobel Prize winner Peter Doherty and fellows of the Royal Society David Solomon and David Boger work at the University of Melbourne. The alumni includes many Australian prime ministers and governor-general. The university ranks the highest for graduate employ ability.

  • The University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales - counsellingx

The University of NSW was established in 1949. It is internationally ranked as a university with the best teaching and research facility. The university has an alumni community of 250,000. The graduates of the university include Rebel Wilson, current Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, billionaire Cannon Brookes, and many famous personalities.

  • The University of Queensland

Queensland University of Technology - counsellingx

The University of Queensland is ranked as number 1 university for research and development. The institute is recipient of Australian Research Council Fellowship and Awards. The university has built around 400 research partnerships internationally. University also boasts of 8 globally recognised research institutes and more than 100 research centres. 52000 students from 135 countries are currently enrolled in the university. A faculty of 6600 scholars has helped the university deliver more than 16000 PhDs.

  • Monash University

Monash University - counsellingx

Monash University is Australia’s largest university having more than 100 partnerships with universities all over the world. The university offers more than 900 exchange programs every year. 77,000 students from 170 countries are currently enrolled, which is being mentored by a faculty staff of 1700 scholars. University offers more than 150 programs such as additive manufacturing, drug development, domestic violence, and sustainable design.

  • University of Technology Sydney

University of Technology Sydney - counsellingx

The university as founded 30 years ago. It ranks 10th amongst the top 50 young universities of the world .The graduates of this university benefit from a high rate of employability, as 78 percent of them are employed within four months after graduating.

  • Australian National University

Australian National University - counsellingx

This university is ranked among the five best Australian universities. Itleads the global research and education. It ranks 73rd for graduate employability. The university attracts 17,000 international students. Student-Faculty ratio is 18.5:1, and provides courses from Engineering and technology, humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, and business and economics.

  • University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide - counsellingx

The university was established in 1874. The university has established more than 1500 research centres, which is the main reason why it attracts more than 20,000 international students from more than 90 countries. The research revolves around food and wine, defence and security, health and medicine, engineering and technology, life sciences, mining and energy, and the environment.  The alumni community consists of more than 120 Fulbright scholars, 5 Nobel Laureates, over 100 Rhodes Scholars, America’s first female prime minister, and a Supreme Court judge.

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We, at CounsellingX, provide end to end online admission counselling to study and work in Australia for UAE students. We have curated a team of 40 highly accomplished counsellors hailing from top institutes such as Harvard University, Cornell University, Boston University, Johns Hopkins University, London School of Economics, New York University, and University of Oxford to provide the best possible admission counselling. Our counsellors are well acknowledged with the job geography of Australian market, and help students pick the perfect course for their future endeavours.

CounsellingX offers an easy three-step one-stop solution:

what counsellingx offers

Go through the list of our counsellors, see their comprehensive profiles and credentials, and message the most suitable ones.

After messaging them, one of our administrators will contact you for a free “Meet the counsellor” session. You will be able to have a 25-30 minutes discussion with each one of your preferred counsellors.

Hire the most suitable counsellor, pay the first installment, and start your customized counselling services.

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