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Scholarships for Pakistani Students in Canada

CounsellingX provides guidance in order to secure scholarships for Pakistani students in Canada. Pakistani students are interested in the international degree programs especially from Canadian universities. It is quite difficult to maintain a certain living standard in Canada as it is highly expensive. So, Pakistani students are often looking for scholarships in Canadian universities.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students in Canada

1 – University of Waterloo
2 – Ontario Graduate Scholarship
3 – University of Manitoba
4 – University of Calgary
5 – Alberta Innovates
6 – Trudeau Foundation Scholarships
7 – UBC Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships
8 – Carleton University Awards

1 – University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo - counsellingx

University of Waterloo offers international Master and Doctoral degree Awards valued at $2,045 per term for 2 years (Master’s) and $4,090 per term for 3 years (PhD). These scholarships are given by various departments based specific research areas.

  • Kevin Kimsa MBET Graduate Scholarship ($10,000)
  • Neelanjana Pal Memorial Scholarship ($3,250)
  • Norman Esch Graduate Scholarship ($10,000)
  • Roman Baldur Memorial Engineering Award ($2,250)
  • SNC-Lavalin Graduate Scholarship in Engineering ($5,000)
  • Stantec Graduate Scholarship in Civil Engineering ($3,000)
  • Robbert Hartog Graduate Scholarship
  • Richard and Elizabeth Madter Graduate Award in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Alan Plumtree Graduate Scholarship in Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering ($20,000)
  • Conrad Family Scholarships for Master’s in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) program ($10,000 to $20,000)
  • Devani Charities Graduate Engineering Entrance Scholarship ($1,500)
  • Hira and Kamal Ahuja International Graduate Scholarship ($20,000)
  • Jensen Hughes Graduate Fire Safety Award ($4,000)

2 – Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Ontario Graduate Scholarship - counsellingx

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program is funded by the Ontario’s provincial government valued at $15,000 per year. It is offered to encourage excellence in graduate studies at the master’s and doctoral levels.

3 – University of Manitoba

University of Manitoba - counsellingx

The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships (UMGF) are merit-based awards offered to Pakistani students be registered as full-time graduate students (Masters or PhD) at the University of Manitoba. The scholarship is valued at $18,000 (PhD) and $14,000 (Master’s) for a 12-month period.

4 – University of Calgary

University of Calgary - counsellingx

University of Calgary offers Graduate Scholarships to Pakistani students. It covers $1,000 to $40,000 from tuition fee.

5 – Alberta Innovates

Alberta Innovates - counsellingx

The fund provides scholarships to students for conducting research in the area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Nanotechnology, Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, and Transcriptomics. It is valued at $26,500 for masters, up to two years and $31,500 for doctoral, up to four years.

6 – Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Trudeau Foundation Scholarships - counsellingx

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation offers doctoral scholarships in the humanities and social sciences to Pakistani students. Its annual value is up to $60,000 per scholar for a maximum of three years.

7 – UBC Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships

UBC Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships - counsellingx

The Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships enable Pakistani to pursue doctoral studies at UBC. The fellowships aim to support international students showing outstanding leadership in humanitarian and development work in their home country. The scholarship value is $18,200 per year plus tuition for four years.

8 – Carleton University Awards

Scholarships for Pakistani students in Canada at Carleton University are open for all graduate programs. It is valued at more than $10,000 per year 

Carleton University Awards - counsellingx

Top Universities for Scholarship in Canada

1 – University of British Columbia
2 – McGill University
3 – University of Ottawa

1 – University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia - Counsellingx

UBC has an excellent reputation, as a research-driven institute, in the eyes of employers and academics alike. Its two campuses are located in Vancouver and Kelowna in British Columbia. This institute has been able to produce seventy one Rhodes Scholars and eight Nobel Prize Winners. The university leads cutting edge research in fields of Geography, Mineral and Mining Engineering, and sports-related subjects. Total number of students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs surpass 50,000, which also includes 13,000 international students. University accommodates a handsome faculty of 4702 members.

2 – McGill University

McGill University - Counsellingx

McGill University is located in Montreal city which is considered as the most student-friendly city of the world. The university offers a diverse range of more than 400 programs, houses around 29,000 students and 9950 international students coming from more than 100 countries, and boasts a faculty of 3677 members. The alumni network consists of 250,000 graduates over the globe.

3 – University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa - counsellingx

The University of Ottawa provides a vibrant and engaging educational experience. The university is home to more than 35,000 students which also includes 6,623 international students. The faculty staff of 1,648 members is highly accomplished and comes from top universities all over the world. The research quality of this public university is ranked very high.

CounsellingX provides comprehensive counselling regarding international scholarships for Pakistani students 2019. We have a team of highly respected counsellors with extensive experience of working with international universities. Our counsellors from prestigious universities such as Harvard University, Cornell University, Boston University, Johns Hopkins University, London School of Economics, New York University, and University of Oxford.

Every student looking for scholarships in Canada should keep a few points in mind before choosing a course:

  • GRE score for graduate programs
  • SAT score for undergraduate programs
  • Good academic history
  • Scholarships provided by the universities
  • Scholarships provided by the government
  • Course accreditation by AACSB International
  • Time period for which scholarship is valid
  • Costs covered by scholarship
  • Degree level for which scholarship is provided
  • Eligibility criteria of scholarship
  • The job market for a particular course
  • Living cost (Food, Residence, Transport)

CounsellingX offers an easy three-step one-stop solution:

how it works - CounsellingX

Have a look at the list of our counsellors. You can view their detailed profiles including academic background, work history, counselling history, and key strengths. If you find a counsellor suitable for your needs, you can directly message them.

After you message a counsellor, one of our administrators will contact you. You can avail a free “Meet the counsellor” session, where you can talk to the counsellor and clear out any ambiguities. You will be able to have a 25-30 minutes discussion.

When you find the most suitable counsellor, you can hire them instantly. Pay the first instalment, and you will be able to start your personalized counselling session.

What CounsellingX Offers?

Counselling X provides various online admission counselling plans for international scholarships for Pakistani students 2019. We not only offer a diverse range of counsellors to choose from, but also flexible counselling hours and payment methods.

what counsellingx offers

  • Hourly Guidance

Student can hire an online admission counsellor on an hourly basis. This can help students get an idea of online counselling services and how it all works. This service provide it on an introductory price starting from $25 per hour.

  • End to End Counselling

Students who want to secure all the aspects of admission application, they should go for end to end counselling. Counsellor applies in a number of colleges as per requirement. Student can choose up to 12 colleges of his choice.

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International Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2019

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