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Reasons to Hire a Professional Counsellor

Reasons to Hire a Professional Counsellor

There was a time when a single person could do everything, but the times have changed now. It is the age of professionals and specialised opinions. Professionals are required to handle relevant spheres of work, whether it be business administration, organised sports, Data Science, Medicine, Personality grooming, or admission counselling. 

A science journal ‘Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes’ conducted a research regarding “biased opinion making processes”. The study concluded that the human beings have a natural tendency to prefer people with general skills when specialized skills are required. It suggested that a ‘Specialist’ is someone who can do only one thing but do it really well. Hence, it can be difficult sometimes to go against natural tendencies and avail specialised guidance, but that is what decides the quality of effort and its impact. 

Many students are interested in educational counselling services but these services can’t be provided by an amateur. It calls for the professional guidance from an admission counsellor to handle the niched aspects of counselling such as:

  • Evaluation of optimal course/degree 
  • Figuring out the institute best suited to their needs
  • Applying for admissions and scholarships 
  • Scoring language competency tests
  • Writing motivation essays and research proposals
  • Development of interpersonal skills, management skills, and leadership qualities
  • Production of referrals 

Working with professional admission counsellors can prove to be a great way forward. At CounsellingX.com, we have put together a team of professional counsellors from all over the world to ensure that students get what is right for them.

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There are many benefits of hiring a professional counsellor. It can help students in many regards such as: 

  • Understanding the key strengths
  • Leveraging natural talents
  • Matching skills and talent to a set of suitable roles
  • Comparative analysis of course options based on personal preferences and limitations
  • Academic path change
  • Career path change
  • Professional development

Reasons to Hire a Professional Counsellor

  • Specialised Help

There is no dearth of information, guidance, and help material available online regarding admission processes of international universities and prospect career paths. This often confuses people if they should avail professional counselling or not. It can be seen as hiring a tutor to help students with studies, even though teachers at schools and colleges are present. The purpose is to get professional specialised expert opinion and guidance.

  • Justifiable Costs

Even though the counselling sessions cost a fortune, and add that to the tuition fees of actual degree programs, most people prefer not to avail educational counselling. But not seeking professional guidance and risking the admission in a particular university or worse getting admission in an unsuitable program and university might cost you even more in a long run. So, it is always better to seek professional counselling and secure the future.

  • Professional Feedback

As the name suggest, professional counsellors are professional in what they do. They provide feedback on a regular basis so that students can have a fool-proof plan, and make the most of their counselling sessions. Otherwise, it would kill the purpose of counselling.

  • Finding the Right Path

Hiring an admission counsellor is not only about securing admission in prestigious universities like Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, and MIT. It is about finding the right course, university, and career path. There are hundreds of good universities and professional education schools that people don’t know about, and hence they waste the opportunity. Often such colleges provide financial assistance. To avail such opportunities, it is necessary to first identify these opportunities. Educational Counsellors have a vast knowledge of colleges, universities, scholarship programs, and professional courses. They are also adept at assessing the aptitude and personality traits of students. They incorporate their analysis to suggest the most optimal course and university options from all the relevant opportunities.

  • Providing Resources

Professional counsellors are resourceful. Educational Counselling provides intimate access to the expert opinions, resources and knowledge bases. An education expert possesses the knowledge of different academic paths, their scope, and the ways to pursue them. Hence, increasing the chances of a student to secure admission and land a scholarship.

  • Attain Confidence and Insight

Professional educational counselling helps the students understand the obstacles in their preferred academic path. The expert opinion develops the confidence to overcome the hurdles. A professional counsellor considers it his/her duty to offer the insight and inspire confidence in the counselee.

  • Getting Rid of Frustration

Parents and children both find the process of choosing educational path a very daunting task. Educational Counselling provides a platform to dissipate frustration and refocus on the goal. 

  • Stabilising the Thoughts

Education Counsellors have the quality to keep the students calm. Students should always take a decision when they are calm and composed. Counselling develops various characteristics such as increased focus, better EQ, improved mental health, and management skills.

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