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How to Apply for Scholarships in Canada

How to Apply for Scholarships in Canada

CounsellingX helps you regarding how to apply for scholarships in Canada. It is a pressing question for the students interested in the professional degree programs of Canadian universities. The tuition fees and living expenses are quite high in Canada. Not every student can afford to study and live in Canada. So, students are often wondering about how to apply for scholarship in Canada.

Well, look no further, as CounsellingX has all the answers. Our counsellors offer comprehensive guidelines regarding how to apply for scholarships in Canada. They can help you to materialise your ambitious academic goals. CounsellingX provides time and cost efficient counselling plans. Our team prides itself on never compromising the quality of services.

The process of applying for scholarship in Canada is quite cumbersome. Students find it difficult to navigate through the complicated guidelines to apply for scholarship. Many students fail at handling the scholarship application properly. The mistakes leaves a bad first impact on the admission officers.

Canadian universities are famous among expatriates and international students. Every university has Universities has certain fees and academic achievement criteria for enrolment, but Canadian universities go beyond that. They also require developed soft skills, leadership potential, ability to work in a diverse environment, and so on.

How to Apply for Scholarship in Canada

Study abroad with scholarship - Counsellingx

CounsellingX has helped students land various scholarships offered by public and private sector entities to encourage higher education and scientific research in Canada.

Many universities in Canada provide awards and grants to promote and encourage leadership potential and academic achievements. Universities in Canada also provide scholarships in collaboration with governments of other countries. Such partnerships promotes mutual harmony and exchange of cultural ideologies and identities.

Students need to find out the relevant scholarships in the courses of the universities they are interested in. Then, they need to check through the eligibility criteria, and figure out if they are eligible. After that they need to fill out the long scholarship application, recommendation letters, a motivation essay, language fluency scores, and get degree attested by the authorities. Student also need to get in touch with professors at the departments they are interested to get admission in, and discuss the research proposals with them.

Scholarships in Canada

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program

University of Toronto provides this scholarship for bachelor programs. It is offered to the students who show exceptional academic achievement and creativity. It also focuses on the impact the student has had on the life of their school and community, and also their future potential to contribute positively to the global community. The program provides tuition fee, accommodation charges and monthly stipend for four years.

Humber International Entrance Scholarship

Humber International Entrance Scholarship - counsellingx

Humber College provides this scholarship for undergraduate programs. Seven $5000 scholarships, and two $3000 scholarships are available on merit basis. The merit is based upon academics, community involvement, reference letters, and cover letter.

PEO International Peace Scholarships for Women

PEO International Peace Scholarships for Women - counsellingx

The international peace scholarship program was founded in 1949, and enables women from developing countries to study in Canadian universities. The fund provides $12,500 on a yearly basis for two years of graduate study.

Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award

Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award - counsellingx

This award is provided by University of British Columbia for undergraduate studies. This award is valid for four years of bachelor study. You must be an international student and show exceptional academic record.

FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship

FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship - counsellingx

This scholarship is provided by FUINCAD fund for graduate studies of women in finance. The scholarship offers an award of $10,000 for the period of two years.

Counsellor Profile:

Our team that guides the students regarding how to apply for scholarships in Canada consists of highly motivated counsellors, who come from various prestigious Canadian universities.

Mr. Nikunj Viramgama - counsellingx

Mr. Nikunj Viramgama is an Indian national and resides in Toronto, Ontario. He has a Master of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from University of Toronto. In his counselling career of just one year, he has guided more than 5 students according to University’s requirements, as he himself was offered admissions from the top-notch universities in Canada. He confidently leverages his acumen in end to end as well as customized admission counselling for applying to the universities. His students were granted admissions in Clemson University, Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, and Texas A, in Bachelor and Master programs of Aviation and Transportation, Computer and Information Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics.

We, at CounsellingX, provides comprehensive counselling regarding how to apply for scholarship in Canada. Online admission and scholarship counselling is resource efficient, whether it is time or money.

We have curated a team of 40 highly respected counsellors with extensive experience of working with international universities, as we have handpicked our team from the globally renowned universities such as Harvard University, Cornell University, Boston University, Johns Hopkins University, London School of Economics, New York University, and University of Oxford. Our counsellors provide end to end online counselling services to students for securing scholarships in Canada.

CounsellingX offers an easy three-step one-stop solution:

how it works - CounsellingX

Go through the list of our counsellors, see their detailed profiles, and message the ones you find suitable.

After messaging them, one of our administrators will contact you for a free “Meet the counsellor” session. You will be able to have a 25-30 minutes discussion with each one of your preferred counsellors.

Hire the most suitable counsellor, pay the first installment, and start your personalized counselling services.

What makes CounsellingX the first priority of students to apply for scholarship in Canada?

what counsellingx offers

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or 90% Payback

We trust in the quality of services and provide guaranteed satisfaction. In case, a student is not satisfied by a particular Counsellor, the counsellor can be changed on request or CounsellingX can refund up to 90% of the paid amount on demand.

Students have the choice to pay in instalments instead of the lump-sum amount. We ensure the financial security of our customers, as instalments are less burdensome.

  • Quality Monitoring from CounsellingX Team

CounsellingX administrators monitor the quality of counselling services provided through this platform. Our team provides direct assistance to students and to avoid any confusion or issue.

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