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Free Online Educational Counselling Services in Australia

Free Online Educational Counselling Services in Australia

Australian students are often interested in free online educational counselling services in Australia due to high competition in university admission and job market. CounsellingX has put together a digital platform and team of counsellors. Our unique business and counselling model enables us to offer free online counselling services in Australia. Our tireless efforts help students find their passion, and the subsequent choices available to them. We work endlessly on maintaining the quality of our counselling services, all the while making sure that our rates are market competitive if not the cheapest. 

We offer a free introductory counselling session where students can discuss the queries they have regarding: 

  • Admission processes
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Scholarship options
  • Future prospects for particular degree programs
  • Counselling Sessions
  • Benefits of Counselling services
  • Best counselling package for them 

We encourage students to have a hearty discussion with their preferred counsellor in order to make best possible use of their counselling sessions. 

You can avail the free online educational counselling services from CounsellingX in Australia by following three easy steps: 

Have a look at the list of our counsellors. You can view their detailed profiles including academic background, work history, counselling history, and key strengths. If you find a counsellor suitable for your needs, you can directly message them.

After you message a counsellor, one of our administrators will contact you. You can avail a free “Meet the counsellor” session, where you can talk to the counsellor and clear out any ambiguities. You will be able to have a 25-30 minutes discussion.

When you find the most suitable counsellor, you can hire them instantly. Pay the first instalment, and you will be able to continue your personalized counselling session.

Study abroad with scholarship - Counsellingx

CounsellingX is an online platform where students can avail online educational counselling services in Australia. Our counsellors not only offer end to end counselling to students for securing admission in international universities, but also cater to the customized and individual needs of students. Every counsellor offers the counselling services in accordance with the packages offered by the CounsellingX such as:

  • Hourly Guidance
  • End-to-end Counselling
  • Test Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Motivation Essays
  • Application Review

Benefits of Counselling Services

Students are often confused by all the attractive course offerings and career paths, and end up choosing a wrong course under peer or social pressure. Once you have made a wrong course selection choice it is really difficult to succeed in it. A bad beginning leads a bad ending.

There are many benefits of hiring educational counselling services for students in USA. In our counselling sessions you can: 

  • Understand your key strengths
  • Learn to leverage your natural talents
  • Figure out skills and talent matched to a set of courses that you are suited for
  • Do a comparative analysis of options based on personal preferences and limitations
  • Explore career options
  • Gain key insights regarding the kind of personal development you need to move ahead in academics

List of Top Universities in Australia

1 – The University of Melbourne
2 – The University of Queensland
3 – Monash University
4 – University of Technology Sydney
5 – Macquarie University

  • The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne - counsellingx

The University of Melbourne, founded in 1853. The university boasts 280,000 alumni around the world. Nobel Prize winner Peter Doherty (physiology and medicine) and fellows of the Royal Society David Solomon and David Boger work at Melbourne. The alumni includes four Australian prime ministers and five governor-general. The university ranks highest for graduate employ ability.

  • The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland - counsellingx

The University of Queensland is ranked no. 1 university for research. The university homes 52000 students from 135 countries, and a faculty of 6600. The university has delivered more than 16000 PhDs. 

  • Monash University

Monash University - counsellingx

Monash University has more than 100 partnerships with universities. The university provides more than 900 exchange programs every year. University offers programs from a wide range of over 150 fields such as additive manufacturing, drug development, domestic violence, and sustainable design.

  • University of Technology Sydney

University of Technology Sydney - counsellingx

This institute was founded just 30 years ago. The graduates of this university benefit from a high rate of employ ability, as 78 percent of them are employed within four months after graduating.

  • Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology - counsellingx

Queensland University of Technology maintains close links with business representatives and market investors. The practical perspectives help students develop an insight related businesses. The industry partners also contribute in the course development. QUT provides over 650 study options from various academic fields. 

  • Macquarie University

Macquarie University International Scholarships - counsellingx

Macquarie University annually spends AU$1 billion investment for faculty development and adoption of latest digital technologies. The degrees are designed in accordance with standard industrial procedures and practical methods. The institute is popular for its exceptional business and medical sciences research degrees. Programs like ‘Participation and Community Engagement’ (PEACE) and ’The Global Leadership Program enhance the professional and leadership skills of the students in a professional and social context.

Promising Sectors in Australia

According to the Australian Labour Market Information Portal, the growth in employment rate is projected to be the fastest in following industry sectors:

  • The Financial Industry 
  • The Business Consulting Industry 
  • The Metals and Mining Industry 
  • The Energy and Utilities Industry 
  • The Healthcare Industry 

Counsellors at CounsellingX understand the importance of selecting the right programs and university in accordance with one’s aptitude and interests, all the while keeping an eye on the international job market. To cater that problem, we manage a team of professional counsellors hailing from the globally renowned universities such as Harvard University, Cornell University, Boston University, Johns Hopkins University, London School of Economics, New York University, and University of Oxford. 

CounsellingX is the first priority of students for their educational counselling needs due to our exceptional work ethic focused on customer satisfaction. Our key strengths are:

  • Accomplished Counsellors
  • Culture of Diversity
  • Affordable Customized Help
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or 90% Payback
  • Pay in Installments
  • Quality Monitoring

Counsellor Profile:

We have various admission counsellors who have graduated from top ranking universities and are currently working with admission departments of international universities. Our team provides online counselling which is specifically tailored to the regional needs of Australia students.

Yuejun Huang - counsellingx

Ms. Yuejun Huang is a Chinese national and resides in Melbourne, Australia. She has helped more than 5 students to get placement in Bachelor and Master Programs of Australian and American universities. She has a Master degree in Global Media and Communication from University of Melbourne, and a Bachelor degree in International Relations and Affairs from University of Queensland. Her expertise is valuable for the students interested in communication, Journalism, and Social Sciences programs.

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