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Who are the Counselors on CounsellingX?

Counsellors who provide services on CounsellingX are graduates from Top Colleges in the world (mostly Ivy League Schools) and have a lot of admission counselling experience, some of them having 50 or more successful college placements. These counselors are not the employees of CounsellingX, they work as freelancers.

What services are provided by counsellors on CounsellingX?

Counselors can help students with almost anything related to admission counselling. Selection of most suitable colleges, SOP/Personal Essay/Supplements review, interview preparation, scholarship details and entire review of the admission application are some of the prominent services that counselors on CounsellingX provide.

What is a Guaranteed Admission?

There are 2 ways in which a Counselor can provide end to end admission counselling to a counselee. In the first type, the counselor guarantees an admission in at least 1 of the universities that the student is applying to (List of universities is finalized by the counselor’s consent). In the second type, there is no guarantee of any kind. This guarantee can only be made if the counselee is taking end to end counselling.

In case of guaranteed admission, the student/parent might hold the payment of the last instalment until at least 1 acceptance offer from a university is received. As soon as the final offer is received the counselee is required to release the payment of the last instalment, failing to do so within 10 days (from the time the offer is received), CounsellingX will release the payment to the counselor.

If for example a counselor is guaranteeing an admission of the student in Fall 2019 and the student is not able to secure an admission in any 1 of the universities finalized with the counselor, then the counselor would need to provide counselling to the student for the next Spring or Fall semester (as per student’s demand) and the counselor would not charge anything extra in this scenario. Counselor failing to do so, may be removed from CounsellingX’s platform.

How can a student/parent pay for the counselling services in instalments?

End to End admission counseling or any counseling service for that matter can be divided into multiple instalments. For example, if a counselee is taking end to end counselling from a counselor, the first installment can be “finalizing the list of universities and courses”, second instalment can be “finalizing the SOP”, so on and so forth. These instalments are made by the counselor after understanding the scope of the project (once the free 20-30 minutes discussion is done between the counselor and the counselee). These instalments will be emailed to the counselee by the counselor and on official approval, the counselee will make the payment for the first instalment. The amount of the first instalment will be held by CounsellingX in the form of an escrow. Once the work for the first instalment is done, the counselor will inform the counselee via email or Skype conversation and on approval from the counselee, the amount will be released to the counselor. After the completion of the first instalment, the amount will be transferred by the counselee for the second instalment, so on and so forth.  Scope of an instalment can also be adjusted/revised on the counselor’s and counselee’s consent.

If counselee does not take any action on an instalment for 10 days (therefore doesn’t approve or request for an update) from the date of a Counselor’s Release request, in which case Counselor and Counselee agree that CounsellingX Escrow is authorized and irrevocably instructed to immediately release to Counselor the amount associated with to the applicable instalment in connection with such Release request.

How do Students/Parents pay for the counselling services?

Students/parents pay for the counselling services through our online payment system called “Cybersource”. CounsellingX accepts payments through credit card or direct bank to bank transfer.

Revolts and Refund Policy

During the course of a project, a counselor or counselee may have a conflict. In order to highlight this conflict, both the parties can issue a “revolt” via email to CounsellingX. In case of a revolt from either side, the project proceedings will immediately stop and CounsellingX’s dedicated team will be assigned to resolve the conflict or establish a settlement between both the parties. In case the counselee doesn’t want to continue with the counselor or vice versa, CounsellingX team will do a thorough review of the work already done by the counselor and based on that review a certain percentage of the instalment’s amount will be disbursed in the counselor’s account (The decision on this percentage is taken solely by CounsellingX). Now the counselee can continue with CounsellingX in 2 ways, either the counselee chooses another counselor on this platform or leave CounsellingX platform. In case the counselee decides to choose another counselor to complete the remaining work, the entire amount of the instalment (after the percentage deduction mentioned above) will be shifted to the new project with the new counselor on CounsellingX. If the counselee chooses to leave the platform then up to 90% of the instalment’s amount (after the percentage deduction mentioned above) will be refunded to the counselee.

Who is a verified counselor?

There is a green tick mark which can be seen on the top left corner of some counselors’ profiles. This means that all the information mentioned in the counselor’s profile is authentic and has been verified by CounsellingX’s quality assurance department.

How do the counselling sessions take place?

The counselor and counselee will have their online counselling sessions on Skype or Gotomeeting.com (in those regions where Skype is banned). All the documents will be shared by the counselor to the customer or vice versa via email or Skype.